A Little About Us...

Nestled in a little town on the shores of Lake Superior, is a famous restaurant and bakery that has become an annual stop for thousands of families each year!    We welcome you to The Berry Patch!

 When you visit Paradise, you quickly find out how it got it's name.  The natural beauty and history of this area beckons visitors from around the world!  Whitefish Point Lighthouse gained global interest when Gordon Lightfoot memorialized it in his famous ballad "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald."  

 And...then there are the lakes and rivers!  Tahquamenon Falls (aka "The Rootbeer Falls!") is awe-inspiring no matter what season you visit, and if you have never walked along Lake Superior's ever changing "beach" or enjoyed a near perfect sunset, you are truly missing out!  

We love Michigan, and feel especially grateful to own our own little piece of Paradise!  

Hi!  We are Dale and Heather  - the new owners of The Berry Patch!  

Lake Superior and our families are what originally brought us to this area.   We have been visiting the shores of "Gitche Gumee" since childhood and both of us have a deep appreciation for the trees, rocks, waves and wilderness.  After all of my travels, I still consider Lake Superior to be the most beautiful place in the world, and Dale, a long time "tree man," can't get enough of the peace that the UP wilderness brings.   Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, this is truly God's country! 


Neither of us are the type to shy away from an adventure -- just ask our families -- sorry mom(s)!  And so we took the leap and in July of 2021 we purchased The Berry Patch!  It has truly been an adventure, and we offer our sincere thanks to everyone who has offered their encouragement and support so far!


The Berry Patch has a long standing reputation for great breakfasts, famous pies and world class cinnamon rolls!   As the saying goes, "If it's not broke, don't fix it" and so we plan to continue the Berry Patch traditions and maybe add a few of our own! 


Whether you are here for the water, rocks, shipwrecks, animals, trees or snow (or even just to escape) we are looking forward to meeting you and hearing your stories!   We hope you will stop in soon to say hi and enjoy one of your favorite treats!  If you're here, you're family!  

Sincerely, Heather and Dale : )